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30 Apr 11

St. Louis based digital agency, SteadyRain, continues its long-term partnership with Songfreedom, a music licensing company that offers subscriptions to cinematographers and photographers for various creative projects.

The partnership began in mid-2010, when Songfreedom approached SteadyRain to integrate a complex design into the DotNetNuke content management system. As Songfreedom continues to expand, the company partnered with SteadyRain to organize the next phase of attack: create a targeted online marketing strategy flexible enough to meet the needs of Songfreedom.

“SteadyRain has been and will continue to be an integral part of our success. As a web based company, the necessity to have a strong presence in various online outlets is obvious,” said Matt Thompson, President and Founder of Songfreedom. “Deepening our relationship with SteadyRain in this manner won’t just help in driving traffic to our site; it will help drive the right kind of traffic to the amazing site they’ve created for the benefit of cinematographers, photographers, the music industry, and of course Songfreedom. We feel fortunate to have SteadyRain at the helm of our OLM efforts.”

Key tactics that will be utilized in the Songfreedom online marketing strategy include content marketing and social channels. SteadyRain will also offer site recommendations for the current Songfreedom website to increase conversion and user experience. Through these online marketing outlets, SteadyRain will guide Songfreedom on a path that will allow the company to grow in the digital space and be actively present where Songfreedom’s targeted audiences reside.

“Songfreedom offers an exciting opportunity to leverage social media and content marketing to engage a targeted audience of potential customers and influencers, establishing Songfreedom as a thought leader and innovator in their space,” said Eric Baggett, Director of Online Marketing.

Although Songfreedom’s services are marketed to a very targeted following, its presence does not go unknown. Songfreedom’s rise in the music industry has drawn attention from Billboard Magazine and the New York Times, thus carving out a niche within the music arena. The music industry is aware of the need to have music licensing ready and available to those seeking to use music in creative outlets, such as slideshows and videos. Songfreedom makes that possible and SteadyRain will help bring further awareness to this possibility.

About SteadyRain
SteadyRain is a privately held, St. Louis-based Internet strategy, design and development firm that works closely with each of its clients to create unique and profitable Internet strategies through consulting, strategic planning, website design and development, online marketing solutions, web application development, and mobile application development. SteadyRain has been helping businesses and organizations develop their online strategies, increase revenue, and decrease costs since 1999, having worked with clients such as Build-a-Bear Workshop, Great Rivers Greenway, the Missouri Division of Tourism, Missouri Botanical Garden, Novus International, and Washington University. For more information about SteadyRain, please visit

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30 Apr 11

The second of four meetings to develop a market strategy and slogan for downtown Lebanon will be held Tuesday night.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the community room at HACC’s Lebanon Campus, 735 Cumberland St.

Lebanon Mayor Sherry Capello is urging anyone who would like to participate to attend, even if they did not go to the first meeting.

The meetings are being led by the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, an agency that oversees the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Elm Street and Main Street economic initiative programs. The city received a $10,000 grant from the DCED to work on the marketing strategy with the Pennsylvania Downtown Center.

Nearly 50 people attended the first meeting on April 5. They broke into small groups and brainstormed ideas about the city’s assets and weaknesses and what each would like to see happen in the future.

That information and the responses to an online survey asking residents their opinions about Lebanon have been compiled by Julie Fitzpatrick, special projects coordinator for the Pennsylvania Downtown Center.

“I think we had about 300 people participate in the survey,” Fitzpatrick said. “That’s a good amount. We’ll look at the market realities of the downtown and compare them with the perception that we found in the survey.”

Another task that will be completed Tuesday night will be developing “power statements” about the downtown, Fitzpatrick said.

“We’ll be working on developing and

voting on power statements about the who, what and how of downtown,” she said. “We be talking about things like how we want to promote the downtown and who we want to promote it to.”

That information will be used in subsequent meetings scheduled at HACC on June 14 and July 6, as the city’s vision statement and market strategy are refined, Fitzpatrick said.

In addition, a video tourbook promoting Lebanon was posted Friday on the city’s website,, after premiering Thursday night for business and community leaders at HACC’s Lebanon Campus.

The six one-minute webcasts begin with an introduction by Mayor Sherry Capello and cover a variety of topics, including quality of life, parks and recreation, and economic development.

The video tourbook goes hand-in-hand with the city’s current effort with the Pennsylvania Downtown Center to develop a marketing strategy for downtown.

Capello said she hopes they will inspire people to visit Lebanon and to get businesses to locate here.

‘The videos capture the essence of Lebanon city,” Capello said in a news release. “Rich in social and cultural amenities, the city inspires a sense of pride and place. We possess a unique set of characteristics and resources, which are showcased in the video.”The videos were filmed and produced by CGI Communications of Rochester at no cost to the city, under an arrangement with the Pennsylvania League of Municipalities and Cities. A dozen local businesses arranged advertising with CGI and are also featured in the videos.; 272-5611, ext. 149

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29 Apr 11

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2011

A new suite of strategic services and training tools from Marketing Operations Partners address fundamental challenges marketing leaders and professionals face today, including chaotic marketing complexity and escalating demand for marketing accountability.

Marketing Operations Partners has been leading the way in helping companies transition from Marketing Operations 1.0, a focus on the fundamentals of operational efficiency and accountability, to Marketing Operations 2.0, an emphasis on strategic alignment and integration of marketing operations with the overall corporation through holistic insight and practices.

Marketing Operations Partners’ new initiatives accelerate professionalism of the evolving discipline of marketing operations (MO):

  • MOtivator path for marketing leaders who must tame marketing complexity growing geometrically as organizations scale in size and as new models of Marketing, such as social media and mobile marketing, must be integrated into marketing strategy.
  • MOver path for marketing professionals and stakeholders who have new operational accountabilities beyond their core competencies and need to get up-to-speed quickly.
  • MObilizer path for marketing automation providers who need to maximize the value of their solutions to their clients.

Bridging these three paths is the new online training course, “Marketing Operations 2.0: From 2011 Tactical Discipline to 20/20 Strategic Vision.” First offered through University of California Extension on an annual basis, this new offering is now available worldwide, on-demand, and can completed at one’s own pace.

According to tech industry analyst International Data Corporation, marketing operations has been the fastest growing job role in technology marketing over the past few years and is now the fourth largest job category in large marketing departments. Marketing Operations Certification is also available by completing optional challenges within the course; this is the only existing certification source for this growing discipline.

These initiatives are part of a customer-centric approach Marketing Operations Partners is taking to help midsize to large enterprises overcome stubborn marketing operations obstacles to sustained profitability. In conjunction with this strategy, Marketing Operations Partners Founder Gary Katz has appointed Lynn Hunsaker, a world-renowned authority on customer experience optimization, as the firm’s new president and chief executive officer, a position Katz has held since the company’s inception in 2006.

“Lynn is the ideal person to assume the leadership helm of Marketing Operations Partners at this time,” said Katz. “She’s been with the company since the outset and her multi-faceted background in strategy, marketing, quality, change management, and organizational development gives her an intimate understanding of how to integrate customer insight into marketing action, as well as what it takes to help clients transform from paying lip service to customer centricity to truly living it – from the inside out.”

New Marketing Operations 2.0 Initiatives

Marketing Operations Partners offers specific advantages to marketing leaders, stakeholders, and automation providers, as follows:

MOtivator – Enable marketing leaders to successfully socialize and advance MO in their organizations through expert guidance, best-practices and competency development. To help tackle some of marketing’s biggest challenges, Marketing Operations Partners’ strategic consulting services include marketing intelligence, customer profitability, buying acceleration, scaling the marketing function for growth, bridging the gap between strategy and execution, and demonstrating return on marketing. More information on MOtivator

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29 Apr 11

Mobile Marketing Three Ideas for Integrating CRM Into Your SMS Marketing StrategyThe following is a guest post from Kane Russell, Director of Marketing at Waterfall Mobile – the company behind the mobile marketing CRM platform Msgme.

I recently saw a LinkedIn discussion board asking people to submit one word answers to the question “What is the single biggest challenge today’s marketers face?” My immediate reaction, courtesy of a demanding undergraduate Engineering professor, was that a better version of this question would be “What is the single most challenging aspect of marketing that presents the largest opportunity for those marketers savvy enough to figure it out?”

Thought of in this way, the result creates an actionable next step. And for me “data” is the clear answer to the question – especially for SMS marketers.

So let’s break it down. Why challenging? SMS delivery receipts only give us two data points: 1) date/time responded and 2) phone number. Sure you can infer location from area code, but we all have friends who keep their home area code in new places. Wouldn’t it be better if we could grab zip code instead?

And the opportunity? SMS is one of the most – if not THE mostinteractive and immediate communication channels available to marketers today. And SMS messages are most effective when targeted and personalized using data.

Fortunately, there’s a decent road map for creating an SMS marketing strategy based on data: CRM. Said a different way, rather than viewing SMS marketing only in terms of campaigns, they need to be viewed in terms of subscriber interactions, with each presenting another opportunity to add more information to a subscriber’s profile. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where two parties gain from the back and forth.

Obviously turning mobile marketing into mobile marketing CRM is easier said than done. But here are three steps you can take toward this goal:

1) Integrate metadata fields as part of your acquisition process

We’ve all seen examples of mobile subscriber sign ups on web pages (two prevalent examples are ABC Text Appeal and Bravo Get Mobile). While these do a great job of converting web visitors into mobile subscribers, they could be improved by integrating metadata-collecting radio buttons (Alpine Meadows Get Textified shows an example).  The extra time it takes users to add additional information about themselves is negligible and now you have useful data to use for targeting purposes moving forward.

For those not integrating mobile sign ups into a web page, you can accomplish a similar objective in a pure SMS message flow using a method that many alcoholic beverage companies use on their websites. Before accessing online content from Budweiser, for example, users have to respond with their date of birth. Using this same tactic in an SMS message flow, essentially gating your content with the collection of age verification metadata, ensures that users who do interact with your content are doing so meaningfully, and allows you to steadily improve your ongoing outbound communication strategy.

2) Integrate responses into a subscriber’s overall profile

This can be achieved at the individual or macro level – the main thing to keep in mind is that you want to create distinct buckets for how people respond to your campaigns. To ease the transition, start off thinking broad and then segment from there.

For example, consider a two-month campaign at a local restaurant. Some high level buckets to create would be first month texters vs. second month texters or breakfast texters vs. dinner texters. You could then drill down to first hour of breakfast texters, first week of the campaign texters, multiple texters, etc.

At the macro level you have a sense of whether your campaigns are more effective during a certain time of day. At the individual level you get a glimpse of who your early adopters are, and perhaps their eating preferences. Now track these data points over time and you have information that will allow you to segment and target for better results. Maybe you decide to only run campaigns during breakfast, or adjust the incentive to get more people to text in during the first month to add a perception of exclusivity. Regardless, you are well on your way to delivering a data-based SMS marketing strategy.

3) Integrate with your email system to create a more comprehensive data profile

In order to integrate SMS with your email CRM you need a common field to map data between the two. Some examples might be: a) use a Feedback SMS campaign to capture email address, b) ask customers for their mobile phone and email when they sign up for alerts and c) include a mobile call to action with a unique code on your outbound emails.

With the two now linked, you unlock significant value from your subscribers. Any data you have collected over the years doing email marketing can be used for mobile targeting. Any new data you collect via mobile can be passed to your email CRM for segmentation purposes. Using this as a first step you can then think about integrating this data with your social media marketing efforts, or better yet, use social media data for targeted communication to your opted-in communication lists.

These three points should give you a strong start. And for those of us that do better with mnemonics, the key to SMS marketing comes down to four “I’s”. Implement a mobile subscriber approach, Interact instead of delivering messages, Integrate across multiple communication channels, and Iterate to make sure you achieve optimum results.

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29 Apr 11


Black Caviar race horse and Bronx Zoo Cobra enjoy Social Media success due to five key principles.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 –Social Media, a horse and a reptile aren’t something normally heard in the same conversation. However, the Bronx Zoo Cobra and the race horse Black Caviar have quickly changed that perception while supplying evidence that a successful Social Media marketing strategy has no limits expect those imposed by imagination.

According to this independent study the freedom seeking Bronx Zoo Cobra and the horse racing sensation Black Caviar achieved Social Media Viral Marketing success by following a proven strategy. A strategy that involves the four key networking principles listed below:

– Harness a ‘valid’ Real Time event, or series of events.
– Quickly engage the target audience through direct interaction.
– Be creative, supply entertainment or provide timely information.
– Choose the right platform, or platforms, for efficiently reaching the target audience.

For those not familiar with the reasons for the horse Black Caviar’s world wide recognition read:

The mighty mare Black Caviar continues her quest for horse racing history in the BTC Cup.

Undefeated in twelve straight dominating starts, amassing record after record, it appears the only thing that can stop Black Caviar is Black Caviar herself.

For those not familiar with the antics that made the Bronx Zoo Cobra famous read this article:

The Tweeting Cobra found at home in the Bronx Zoo reptile house.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra amassed more than 200,000 Twitter followers during its run for daylight, including over 20,000 in the first 24 hours.

The major difference between the two, aside from a Reptile verse Equine comparison, is that Black Caviar’s fame is built on non-fictional events while the Bronx Zoo Cobra slithered to great heights based on mostly fictional situations. The reason this distinction is important because it illustrates a fifth key principal for Social Media success- Sustainability.

So far the Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter account has sustained a degree of Social Media viral marketing success since the slippery one was recaptured. However, sustaining this success is much more difficult now because one element of ‘real time’, which encompassed the reptiles escape, is greatly reduced.

Black Caviar still maintains a real time fascination with every race she’s run and won in dominating fashion. Racing enthusiasts and sports fans the world over are keenly looking forward to her next start, which is scheduled to be in the $400,000 BTC Cup on the 14th of May.

Other Social Media networking and viral marketing advantages that point to sustainability for the race horse Black Caviar include:

Black Caviar also has a very popular Social Media Facebook Fan Page, the largest following of any active race horse.

The topic of Black Caviar’s performances dominate Horse Racing Forums and newspaper Blogs throughout Australasia and the world.

Black Caviar is also a Youtube success. Her latest victory in the $600,000 T J Smith Stakes led to the posting of no less than a half dozen videos in 48 hours.

Just before and after each race she runs Black Caviar is hugely popular on Twitter, even surpassing the more traditional and expensive appetizer. Black Caviar is the most tweeted race horse in sports.

While there’s no doubt the Bronx Zoo Cobra captured the imaginations of New Yorkers and others around the world, Black Caviar has the more impressive resume including prize earnings totaling over $2,599,250 million dollars in just twelve career starts. A resume that can be viewed in her horse Form Guide attached beneath this release.

In the “Sport of Kings”, the horse Black Caviar has become the Queen of Social Media. In the world of Reptiles, the Bronx Zoo Cobra has proven to be the King of Social Media.

About: Punters Paradise has earned a reputation as Australia’s ‘ultimate’ online horse race betting site by combining state of the art Internet technology with interactive racing resources including their popular sports forums, Social Media networking integration, live news feeds with anchor text to the jockeys, horses and trainers involved, the most detailed form guides on the Net, advanced odds comparison tools, exclusive member deals and ability to buy or sell tips online.

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29 Apr 11

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2011

Stories of businesses using the power of social media marketing are everywhere these days, and of course Facebook always seems to get the lion’s share of the news. So when Gary Hill of Passion Fine Jewelry in Solana Beach, CA asked for some help to promote a contest, he turned to a social media marketing consultant for help.    

“The merchants all have websites so why build another website?” asked Michal Newman of Michal Newman Consulting. “These retailers can pool their resources, budgets and Facebook pages to create a community that is rich in conversation about local products, services and interesting topics. That in turn will drive more conversation, a bigger community and more business.”

Newman’s strategy revolves around a collective merchant Facebook page called, the Best of Cedros, where the merchants’ brands and services are featured. The Cedros District in Solana Beach, CA is known for high quality products and services. Newman is teaching the local merchants how to message across multiple Facebook pages and integrate social marketing into all of their marketing initiatives.

Newman discusses the power of Facebook marketing. “If you have a Facebook page with 1,000 fans and those fans each have the current average number of friends which is 130 you have the potential to reach 130,000 people. If you then take eight merchants each who all have the same number of fans and communicate across all of these pages you have the potential to reach over a million people. Not everyone is going to be qualified for the businesses, but many will.”

The contest marketing programs direct people to the Facebook page where they are required to “Like” the page to register. Contestants monitor the Facebook page for clues, solve those clues, then snap photos of themselves at the clue locations. They are then requested to share their progress on their personal Facebook pages at the end of the day.

Once contestants arrive at the last location (which they deduce from solving the last clue), they are instructed to send a special text message only displayed at this location. The first 100 then receive a special text message stating they are semi-finalists with instructions for the next round.

Two mobile marketing companies are being used: iZigg and Mobile Storm, along with the photo sharing site Flickr. Newman hopes this campaign can become a model for small businesses everywhere to use their collective power to increase their reach and business potential.

To view this contest, go to:


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28 Apr 11


Image: Flickr

Joe Tripodi

Joe Tripodi leads global marketing, customer management and commercial leadership as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of the Coca-Cola Company.

See Also:

How Gary Vaynerchuk Turned A Liquor Store Into A $60 Million Business

Alex Rodriguez

Twitter phones

A lot of us remember when the role of the CMO was much simpler. Information flowed in one direction: from companies to consumers. When we drew up our plans and budgets, the key metric was consumer impressions: how many people would see, hear or read our ad?

Today the only place that approach still works is on Mad Men. Now information flows in many directions, consumer touch points have multiplied, and the old, one-size-fits-all approach has given way to precision marketing and one-to-one communications. Perhaps the most consequential change is how consumers have become empowered to create their own content about our brands and share it throughout their networks and beyond. It has changed my role as the chief marketing and commercial officer at Coca-Cola, and the company’s approach to consumer engagement as we work to double our business by 2020.

In the near term, “consumer impressions” will remain the backbone of our measurement because it is the metric universally used to compare audiences across nearly all types of media. But impressions only tell advertisers the raw size of the audience. By definition, impressions are passive. They give us no real sense of engagement, and consumer engagement with our brands is ultimately what we’re striving to achieve. Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level. (I used to think that loyalty was the highest rung on the consumer pyramid until I became the CMO of Allstate Insurance. There, I saw clearly that so much business was driven through personal referrals and advocacy by individuals for their agent.)

So, in addition to “consumer impressions,” we are increasingly tracking “consumer expressions.” To us, an expression is any level of engagement with our brand content by a consumer or constituent. It could be a comment, a “like,” uploading a photo or video or passing content onto their networks. We’re measuring those expressions and applying what we learn to global brand activations and those created at the local level by our 2,700 marketers around the world. For example, in our 24-Hour Live Session with Maroon 5, we captured impressions (the number of online views) but gained tremendous insights from expressions by our consumers — their comments, input on the song that was being created and what they shared with their networks.

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28 Apr 11

With the ubiquity of digital and web marketing, communication and interactivity, marketers are increasingly using content – specifically through search engine optimization – as a means of reaching new audiences.

Such content can be text, video, blog posts, news copy or even print mail – the purpose is merely to engage prospects and incite them to act. It’s also important to keep in mind who exactly you are targeting – a much more difficult objective than many may assume.

Some content may be the perfect platform to intrigue, for example, car mechanics, but it may not necessarily pique the interest of insurance salesmen. So how do you reach both?

“Without making it painful, you might layer the calls to action to appeal to different personas at different stages in the buy process – broadening the relevance, just keep it all relevant and on-message so that it doesn’t put people off,” writes Danyl Bosomworth for

It’s also important to recognize that content is an ongoing process. Once material has been distributed, it doesn’t mean the marketers’ job is done. In fact, quite the opposite. They need to continue the correspondence, encouraging discussion, asking and, more importantly, answering questions.


Marketing news provided by – providers of full-color, high quality business cards, postcards, letterhead and a variety of other high quality custom marketing products at low prices.

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28 Apr 11

The Daily Observer (Banjul)

Musa Ndow

28 April 2011

The world’s largest online travel company, ‘Expedia Inc’ in collaboration with the Gambia Hotel Association (GHA) Wednesday hosted an educational e-commerce seminar at the Kairaba Beach Hotel to expose The Gambia’s tourism stakeholders to web-based marketing and its related innovative trends in information technology system.

The four-hour long presentation designed to improve the skills of participants on the latest technology in terms of marketing, targets the management cadre of the hospitality industry and key institutions such as the Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA). The seminar is tailored to meet specific requirements in the critical area of web-based marketing and online booking strategy.

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Noah Touray, described the event as laudable. He expressed optimism that the new internet booking system being introduced to the Gambian hoteliers would not only impact on the promotional materials, but would also be instrumental in cutting out some tour wholesalers and retailers from the travel product supply chain, thereby enabling direct communication between the supplier of the tourism product and the consumer.

“In a bid to diversify our source base and to remain competitive, it is worthwhile to explore all avenues. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is pursuing every effort to reengineer the tourism product and heighten marketing efforts,” said PS Touray. He thanked the Expedia Inc company for agreeing to conduct the seminar in The Gambia and in the same vein urged the stakeholders present at the seminar to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them by the Expedia being the largest on-line travel company in the world with links to some of the world’s leading airlines and hotels, top consumer brands, high traffic websites, and thousands of active affiliates.

Alieu Secka, chairman of GHA opined that concerted efforts in promoting destination Gambia is the only way that can increase business in the sector. He pointed out that tourism plays a big role in the economic sector and should be recognised as an opportunity not only to have a guaranteed employment, but also how stakeholders can be introduced to the kind of socio-economic environment. He added: “We all have a moral situation, economic as well to make sure our businesses grow. So let me please challenge you and endeavour that you respond accordingly so that next time when we meet we would see a huge increase in the number of online booking for destination Gambia.”

The director of Marketing at GTA, Lamin Saho, thanked the Expedia company for what he called a brilliant presentation. He said: “I think we’ve all learned one or two things from the very interesting and interactive session. What came out clearly in this interactive and interesting session is that the online booking is a reality and it’s an imagine trend. We all know that the Gambia tourism industry is dynamic and challenging, the GHA chair made the drop in the number of arrival, yes, it is true but this competition is getting stiffer and stiffer, we have more destinations coming online with different offers and interesting facilities and amenities but one thing I want to assure the GHA chair is our country (The Gambia), we get very excellent facilities and that is one reason why we grab this opportunity.”

Saho stated that The Gambia has a full range of hotels, from one to five star and even up to six star, “So we should not be afraid to tackle or grab this challenge,” he added. Prior to the Banjul seminar, Expedia Inc released a new data showing an increase of more than 500% in the number of bookings made to Gambian hotels on the more than 90 Expedia and travel booking site, with majority coming from travelers in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (US) and the Netherlands.

About Expedia Inc

Expedia first began working with hotels in Gambia in April, 2010. Since then, the number of Gambian hotels that have signed up to work with the online travel company grew up to 170%, with that percentage expected to continue to grow as more local hotels learned about the benefits of becoming part of the Expedia’s global online travel marketplace. Currently, it is partnering with more than 130,000 hotels across the globe, and handles more hotel bookings than any other travel agency in the world.

Expedia online travel promotion has operations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, as well as in Asia-Pacific, and South America. Its team includes hundreds of hotel relationship managers and revenue management specialists based in local markets to assist hotel partners in developing online distribution strategies.

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28 Apr 11

Click to view news release full screen

New Team Put into Place to Better Serve Automotive Clients

NEW YORK, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — AMI Chairman, President and CEO, David J. Pecker, announced today that a new sales and marketing strategy has been implemented to better serve the Detroit advertising community.  This allows specific individuals to focus on AMI’s key categories, celebrity and health fitness, while also enabling them to work together to create integrated programs, which combine all of these assets.

Christine Schultz will continue to serve as the sales representative for AMI’s Women’s Active Lifestyle Network, made up of Shape, Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health.

Susan Webber, who played an integral role in the re-launch of Star as a glossy, has rejoined the company to focus her sales efforts on the celebrity category including Star, Radar Online and Country Weekly, as well as the properties AMI manages through its Publishing Services division. These titles include TV Guide and Soap Opera Digest, among others.

In addition, the company has also retained Paul Mallon Media, a sales and marketing firm, which will represent its Men’s Active Lifestyle brands including Men’s Fitness, Muscle Fitness and Flex, in the Detroit market.  The firm’s principal, Paul Mallon, has a proven track record representing major automotive accounts for over 25 years from both a sales and marketing standpoint.  His unparalleled experience makes Mallon and his firm the ideal fit for AMI.

Mr. Pecker commented, “Detroit, has always been, and continues to be a critical marketplace for American Media.   By increasing our coverage here, we will be able to deliver the quality service and customized programs that the marketplace demands and deserves.”

Jeff Vogel, who served as AMI’s National Automotive Sales Director, has left the company to pursue other opportunities.

For more information:

Women’s Active Lifestyle Network: Diane Newman 212.545.4841

Men’s Active Lifestyle: Chris Scardino 212.545.4876

Celebrity: David Jackson 212.743.6523

About American Media, Inc.

American Media, Inc. is the leading publisher of celebrity journalism and health and fitness magazines in the U.S.  These include Star, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, and The National Enquirer.  In addition to print properties, AMI manages 14 different web sites. The company also owns Distribution Services, Inc., the country’s #1 in-store magazine merchandising company.

SOURCE American Media, Inc.

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